Decreasing access to ALS training: unknown impact on outcomes

By Dr. Jonathan Shurlock
Edited by Dr Saadia Aslamy

A recently published article in the BMJ laments the removal of Advanced Life Support training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is no longer mandatory in the 2021 Foundation Training curriculum, in response to a GMC directive to reduce named courses from postgraduate training. Consequently, HEE does not support complete funding for the course.

Foundation trainees may be the first to arrive at an in-hospital emergency and should have the necessary training to initiate timely advanced life support. The lack of this has now posed unnecessary barriers to patient safety. As the authors highlight, good knowledge and timely implementation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines is associated with improved outcomes for patients suffering in-hospital cardiac arrest.

Without supported (financial and time based) access to this training course, doctors will be ill-equipped for their clinical responsibilities.

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