bed-side to web-side

COVID-19 and Digital Health: From Bed-Side Manner To Web-Side Manner

BCS Editorial

By Amir Aziz

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive global impact like no other. The pressure for healthcare services to deliver has been immense. With limited resources, innovative solutions are required to ensure optimal care is given to our patients.

The pandemic has brought into focus the use of technology in healthcare to help protect patients and healthcare workers from the virus, improve efficiency and make healthcare processes become leaner.

This editorial outlines the use of digital health during the pandemic and the long-term lessons we can learn and how can this help the modern cardiologist… 

…Eric Topol, an opinion leader in Cardiology and advocate of digital health has warned that the sudden rush to virtual care risks diminishing the quality of clinical care,

‘it’s inexpensive and expedient, but it’ll never be the same as a physical examination with all of its human qualities of judgment and communication’.

We can influence the future of cardiology by sharing innovations during the pandemic. The British Cardiovascular Society have asked members to share innovations by emailing Virtual healthcare has been rapidly implemented due to COVID-19 and it is likely that it is now here to stay with a larger uptake than ever before. It remains our duty as clinicians to drive forward innovations in digital health for patient and clinician benefit.

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