A framework for same-day discharge following elective transcatheter cardiovascular interventions

By Dr Florence Mouy 
Edited by Dr Ahmed El-Medany

Early hospital discharge following transcatheter cardiovascular interventions (TCI) is becoming increasingly common, through a combination of procedural and technological advancements and operator experience. Krishnaswamy et al reviewed the safety of early discharge and present a framework for same day discharge (SDD) following a range of TCI, including coronary, peripheral, and structural cardiovascular interventions. Each type of procedure is assessed in terms of feasibility and safety of SDD.

They identified several key elements necessary for safe SDD which, including appropriate patient selection, procedure success with no major complications, close postprocedural observation (>6h), predischarge procedure-specific assessments, close social support available following discharge, and early follow-up (Figure 1). 

The authors note that when performed appropriately, SDD is likely to reduce costs, reduce the risk of hospital-related complications, improve early mobilisation, and improve patient satisfaction (Figure 1). Given these potential benefits, further studies based on registries and observational studies are required to assess the safety and impact of SDD following elective TCI.

Figure 1: Central illustration from Krishnaswamy et al, 2023. Sourced from Krishnaswamy A, et al. J Am Coll Cardiol Intv. 2023;16(13):1561-1578

Read more here: Krishnaswamy A, Isogai T, Brilakis ES, Nanjundappa A, Ziada KM, Parikh SA, Rodés-Cabau J, Windecker S, Kapadia SR. Same-Day Discharge After Elective Percutaneous Transcatheter Cardiovascular Interventions. Cardiovascular Interventions. 2023 Jul 10.